The final episode in the three-part mini-series on mental health features my guest, agency leader, entrepreneur, and now mental health campaigner Mich...View Details

Dr Liz Miller has been at the sharp end of the journey from mental health prejudice to enlightenment. A one-off, Liz Miller was the first woman in neu...View Details

This is the first of a 3 part mini-series on mental health, with my guest Adam Rubins. At the age of 12yrs Adam Rubins was set upon and beaten up in h...View Details

Ozlem Ozkan was born to Turkish parents but raised in the Netherlands. She also has lived in Istanbul, Turkey and Aarhus, Denmark; and travelled acros...View Details

A successful manager of a start-up yet feeling like an outsider. That was the backdrop to Alasdair Plambeck's healing journey and life transformation ...View Details

My guests in this two-part episode are the' far out couple' Alasdair Plumbeck and Julie Roxane Krikorian. Two people who came together through a seren...View Details

My guest on episode 30 of Turning the tables storyteller extraordinaire Diane Wyzga. Diane has, as she says, bathed in the garbage of life's adversiti...View Details

A staggering 75% of people in a Gallup survey reported the symptoms of work-related stress. I would vouch that everyone who listens to this podcast ca...View Details

Will Pike knows what it takes to overcome adversity. Will was on holiday in Mumbai in November 2008 with his girlfriend, when Islamic Extremists attac...View Details

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Do you sometimes doubt your skills, fearing that, one day, you will be exposed as a "fraud" despite the evidence ...View Details

Chronic illness affects 1 in 3 people around the world. It is a the hidden plague of modern life. My guest on episode 26 of Turning the Tables, Dan Ne...View Details

"That is what happens when you lose somebody really significant, it smashes your world apart" Dr Lucy Hone is a co-director of the New Zealand Institu...View Details

In this episode, we hear actor, singing coach and theatrical director Renu Arora's story of a near-death experience and how it changed her life. The n...View Details

Henry Fraser's story is truly one of turning around adversity, of humbling grit, determination and wisdom in the face of quite frankly monumental chal...View Details

Welcome to episode 22 of Turning the Tables and a different kind of story. A story about business and in today's terms, the rather an unfashionable st...View Details

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